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Labor Law


Labor Law

Dan represents labor unions and union members in disciplinary proceedings, improper practice proceedings, contract grievances, civil service law proceedings, arbitration, state and federal court litigation, and collective bargaining.

He has achieved a number of significant victories in the area of prevailing wage law on behalf of labor unions, including a court ruling that resulted in a 25% wage increase for elevator mechanics and repairmen working on public works projects in New York City; a court ruling that required the New York City Department of Transportation to pay more than $3 million in interest to its street paving foremen, in addition to the 46% wage increase and $24 million in back pay they won at an administrative trial; and a determination that aligned the wages paid to the Staten Island Ferry’s marine engineers and chief marine engineers with the wages received by engineers employed on Maersk Line Ltd.’s U.S.-flagged, oceangoing cargo ships, with the base pay of the Staten Island Ferry’s chief marine engineers jumping from $64,000 per year to $170,000 per year (an increase of 265%) and an average back pay award to the Ferry’s chief marine engineers of more than $1 million each.

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