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Pregnancy Discrimination


The New York City Human Rights Law, the New York State Human Rights Law and the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act each prohibit employers from discriminating against employees because they are or recently were pregnant. Yet pregnancy discrimination remains surprisingly common.

The Bright Firm, NYC’s top employment lawyer, helps women who have been fired from their job under false pretenses while pregnant. That help can include recovering monetary compensation, restoring health benefits, and sometimes even getting our client her job back.

It is not uncommon for women who have taken maternity leave after having a baby to return to work only to be told that their job has been eliminated or their duties have been assigned to others. Sometimes they are offered a lower paying job or less senior position than the job they held. Sometimes they are simply terminated. If the employer’s actions are motivated even in part by the fact that their employee had a baby and took maternity leave, it is illegal.

Understanding Your Rights

Proving a discriminatory motive on the part of an employer can be very difficult. Most employers know enough to create and document “non-discriminatory” reasons for their actions and are often assisted in those efforts by employment lawyers who coach them on how to insulate themselves from liability. The experienced, aggressive NYC pregnancy discrimination lawyer Daniel Bright, can help you vindicate your rights and get the justice you deserve, even against the biggest employers and the largest law firms.

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