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The labor and employment law team at The Bright Firm are committed to helping New York City employees – from blue collar workers to professionals and executives – stand up to their employers, whether that means trying to negotiate a fair deal, avoiding a potential dispute, or litigating legal claims at arbitration or in court.

If you think your legal rights have been violated by your employer, or you need legal or strategic advice from an experienced New York City employment lawyer, call us at (646) 588–4870 or submit an inquiry through our website and one of our attorneys will promptly contact you.

Daniel Bright

New York Employment Lawyer Daniel Bright

Dan advises and represents individual employees and labor unions in labor and employment law matters. He regularly helps employees negotiate employment contracts and severance…

Dan reviewed my employment contract before I quit my job. The process was straightforward, and Dan was easy to work with.

When I subsequently received a new job offer and needed the documents reviewed quickly, Dan was able to get back to me the next day with a comprehensive review of them.

AvatarJohn B., on Yelp

Daniel Bright put me at ease during our first consultation. He spent time patiently listening and asking the right questions to understand the entirety of my situation. Once my options were clear, he did not hesitate and shared other employment scenarios and outcomes, which gave me a much better perspective on employment law. Thank you, Dan!

Sabine P.Sabine P., on Yelp

Mr. Daniel Bright is the most dedicated, genuinely helpful, and smartest lawyer you could ever ask for. He truly cares about helping his clients. I needed help with my employment agreement and he listened attentively the very first day I spoke with him on the phone. He didn’t even mention about charging me his professional fees right away. He cared more about helping me out, which made me feel a lot better knowing someone was listening to me and really cared to make the best out of my situation. We spoke for hours and hours on the phone, he thoroughly reviewed my contract and he was able to give me the best advice and resolution for my situation.

I would highly recommend his services. He works hard to help his clients and he’s responsive. If you need a dedicated professional help, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Bright.

Marie C.Marie C., on Yelp

I’ve finally come around to writing a review. I spoke to Daniel a few years ago, regarding an employment contract. He gave me tons of advice in our initial phone call and seemed to actually care about employee right’s. He seemed to get visibly upset at corporations trying to take advantage of employees. I could tell he was “on your side” and it wasn’t just an act. He knows the law and didn’t pursue this field for “the money.”

In the end, I didn’t end up using his services. The advice he gave me was extremely valuable and helped me to negotiate a higher contract without the need for a lawyer. Though I would use his services in the future if I ever find myself in a sticky employment situation (hopefully not). Thank you, Daniel! Keep fighting the good fight!

Natasha U.Natasha U., on Yelp

Daniel Bright was the most human lawyer I’ve met in that time. He understood my dilemma, and as sensitive about the way I felt as a young professional. He charged me a flat rate, took my case and got the corporate giant off my back. He also explained the laws and how the non-compete wouldn’t hold up in court so I could feel relieved.

All in all, great experience. Fast response, got things done and kept clients happy.

Natasha S.Natasha S., on Yelp

I contacted Dan a few months ago to help me with a separation agreement. He called me back right away for an initial conversation and he was extremely knowledgeable about employment law. I ended up using his services and he helped me get a better package from my prior employer. Dan is a genuine guy and he truly cared about helping me out. I would use his services again and I highly recommend him if you are in need of an attorney to help out with employment law. Thanks!

Bella G., on Yelp

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